Signature Limited Edition Prints 1/100

        Size (in)              Print         Face Mounted       Shadowbox

16x24              700                1,450                1,550

20x30              900                1,700                1,950

24x36              1,200              2,500              2,850

30x45              2,000             4,900              5,500

  Artists Proofs

A limited edition of 7 Artists Proofs are available for each print. Each A/P has slight variations from the Limited Edition prints. Please contact for price inquiries.

Archival Prints

All Prints are made on the highest quality archival paper currently available. Please contact me if there's a custom size you're looking for.


Two standard options available:   Face Mounted Acrylic (shown left)  & Shadowbox. Please inquire about Custom Framing.

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